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TMSA Names Mark Southey, "Sales Executive of the Year"

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TRAFFIX’s Executive Vice President of Business Development, Mark Southey, was recognized for his incredible work and expertise at this year’s TMSA Logistics Marketing & Sales Conference. Mark Southey was presented with the 2018 TMSA Sales Executive of the Year award, which comes as no surprise to those who bear witness to the fantastic work that he does every single day.
“TMSA is thoroughly impressed by Southey’s understanding of his sales teams’ training and resource needs, which ultimately has resulted in software and system changes designed to improve the sales outcome and efficiency of his company’s brokerage sales team,” said Brian Everett, chief executive officer for TMSA. “Being a strong sales leader requires someone who is sensitive to their sales team’s needs. That leader takes steps to make sure they have the support they need. Southey excels in this area.”
TRAFFIX, as a company and as a family, would like to extend their sincerest congratulations to Mark. We are incredibly proud of the work that Mark has done and continues to do. His passion and ambition to lead, train and support his team, has been instrumental in the success and growth of TRAFFIX. There is no one more deserving of this award than Mark, and we are thrilled to see him recognized for his commitment to excellence.
“Receiving this prestigious award is one of the highest honors bestowed on an individual within the North American freight transportation and logistics industry. Each year, this award recognizes one senior industry leader in sales and one in marketing who demonstrate ongoing excellence and success in their respective fields.” - TMSA Press Release
The Transportation Marketing & Sales Association, first established in 1924 with a focus on rail-based shipping solutions, has expanded over the years to serve the entire transportation and logistics industry, becoming the only association of its kind. With a focus in sales, marketing and communication strategies, the TMSA works with thousands of members to provide education, training, insights, and support in these specific areas of business development and awareness.
Traditional marketing and lead generation strategies have changed and will continue to do so as the transportation industry works to improve shipping solutions, attract individuals to the industry, and manage shipper and receiver relationships. We have already seen an increase in proposed infrastructure changes to be made across North America, have witnessed the implementation of blockchain technology, and have seen the positive impact that the ELD Mandate will have on this sector. 2018 is a year of change, and through providing tools, programs, and useful information to members, the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association is helping companies direct the growth and future of the industry.
This year has been an exciting one for the TRAFFIX team, and we cannot begin to express our gratitude to the Transportation Marketing & Sales Association for recognizing Mark Southey for his impact on the industry.
Congratulations Mark!