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The Importance of 3PL Technologies in a Post-COVID-19 World

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As the business world begins the transition to the “new normal”, the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the transportation and logistics industry has yet to be revealed. One thing that has been made clear, however, is the importance of technology to the long-term success of 3PL’s. 


The industry has been undergoing a digital revolution for the past several years. Despite the improved efficiency and competitive benefits these technologies have provided to the early adopters, many 3PL’s have been reluctant to invest in them. 


With COVID-19 restrictions forcing 3PL’s into remote office environments, only those 3PL’s with preexisting technologies and digital infrastructures have been able to thrive. As the world reopens and full-scale shipping operations rebound, the need for 3PL technology will not decline. 


As shippers increasingly demand IT capabilities such as cloud-based remotely-accessible software, granular reporting, EDI, tracking, and more, the 3PL’s who have made their investments early will gain a strategic advantage over those trying to catch up. 


The time to invest in these technologies is now. 3PL’s will quickly recoup their investment by being able to service a larger customer base, creating internal efficiencies, and eliminating the risk of becoming irrelevant in the industry.  Cloud-based software that facilitates a “work-from-home” option will also allow 3PL’s to reduce real-estate costs and combat issues such as sick days. Offering employees the flexibility to work from home or in the office also increases productivity and retention. These cost savings can be reinvested into improving 3PL technology. 


TRAFFIX has been investing in 3PL technologies, cloud-based platforms, and IT experts for the last 10 years. Our technology experts are on the forefront of emerging software; and our operational experience and savvy sales force keep their finger on the pulse of the market technology demands. As a 40-year industry veteran, TRAFFIX is committed to satisfying our customer’s demands and evolving with them.