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The Benefits of using an IMC for Intermodal Shipments

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The Benefits of using an IMC for Intermodal Shipments

Earlier this month we talked about what intermodal is and the benefits of shipping intermodal (see our blog When to Ship Intermodal). If you are still deciding to try intermodal but don’t know where to get started, this blog is for you! 

Intermodal Re-cap 

North American Intermodal transportation involves the combination of road and rail movements. The road component is for shorter haul drayage to and from the terminal, while rail moves the longest linehaul component of the shipment. 

Different types of 3rd party Intermodal providers 

Resellers are brokerages that do not have any direct relationships with the railroads in North America. Instead, resellers utilize IMCs to move their client’s freight. This is not an ideal option for companies looking to maximize their freight spend as it means there is an additional layer of margin in their pricing. Further, clients of resellers will have to deal with reduced visibility, the inability to get contracted rail pricing and little control of drayage options.

Intermodal Marketing Companies (IMCs) are logistics providers that purchase capacity directly from the railroads and trucking companies to offer door to door solutions. 

Asset-Based IMC’s own containers and potentially chassis and truck fleets. The benefit to using an asset-based intermodal provider is that they have full control over their costs and their owned equipment; however, they are limited to the equipment types they own and to certain corridors based on their network. 

Non-Asset Based IMC’s are 3PL’s for Intermodal movements and offer services with direct cost management. As an IMC, TRAFFIX has direct relationships with all Class 1 railroads in North American with access to owned and private equipment from multiple sources. 

The benefit of using a company like TRAFFIX IMC is that we can provide service on all North American lanes, container capacity, and a high degree of control over costs. Additionally, an IMC like TRAFFIX, takes on of the work involved with shipping intermodal. We can offer a variety of unique Intermodal solutions including transportation management, various equipment sizes, door or ramp services, drayage, accessorial management and more! 

Intermodal Benefit Re-cap 

Trying something new can be intimidating – especially when you are accountable for on time performance, capacity and KPI’s. That’s why it is comforting to work with a team of experts who hold your success in the heart of everything they do!  

What’s Next? 

If you are ready to try Intermodal, we encourage you to reach out to intermodal@traffix.com or your TRAFFIX sales representative. Our team will help you verify if your freight is a suitable candidate for intermodal, provide you with a quote and help you get acquainted with the process. There is no greater source of security than having a team of experts on your side! 

In our next blog, we will answer some Intermodal FAQ’s and take you through the industry terminology so you can speak “Intermodal” like a pro!