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How TRAFFIX Uses Back-Office Automation Software to Deliver a Best in Class Customer Experience

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Over the past three years, TRAFFIX has ambitiously expanded its logistics services, opening new facilities across Canada, USA, and Mexico.


To support that growth, while continuing to offer exceptional customer service, TRAFFIX needed to put efficient processes and strong backend systems in place.


That’s why TRAFFIX partnered with Microdea, a document management and back-office automation company. With Synergize by Microdea, TRAFFIX was able to automate workflows and have paperless processes.


Here are four ways having this system in place helps TRAFFIX provide excellent customer service.



1. Provide timely and accurate documentation to customers.


Information moves faster nowadays and shippers expect quick real time access to related transportation and load documents.


Having a digital system in place for handling paperwork makes it easy to give customers access to the documents they need to see, the moment they need to see them.


2. Reduce billing errors and back-and-forth communication.


Paperless systems also reduce a lot of the manual data entry that typically takes place in billing departments. By removing these steps from the process, invoicing errors are avoided.


A paperless system has the ability to automatically attach all appropriate backup documentation to each invoice, which helps reduce back-and-forth communication to track information down.


3. Respond to any customer requests in real-time.


With physical paper filed away in boxes and cabinets, it can be difficult and time consuming to find documents for a customer. But with a document management system, all documents are stored in a digital filing cabinet that staff can easily search from anywhere in North America.


Documents get stored according to their date, load number, invoice amount and so forth, thus if a customer needs to see supporting documentation from a specific load or date, it can be found in seconds with a digital search.


4. Staff can focus on the human side of things.


TRAFFIX has always used technology to empower its people. By using a paperless system with automated workflows, staff are able to spend more time proactively solving problems before they happen and building stronger relationships with customers and partners.


As technology continues to transform the transportation industry, TRAFFIX plans to continue to leverage new innovations to deliver the best customer experience possible.



Check out this short video to learn more about how TRAFFIX is using back-office automation.