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How TRAFFIX is Investing in Growth

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The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has shown just how vital transportation and logistics is to the global economy. Logistics has played a crucial role in fighting the virus, and even though the industry has not been immune to challenges, logistics will continue to be an important essential service. To provide our clients with quality services and meet the rising needs within North America, TRAFFIX has been investing in growth.



A company is only as good as the people that work for them. This is why TRAFFIX is invested in employing industry professionals that are successful in what they do to continue to add value to all our partners. The logistics industry is fast-paced and provides amazing opportunities to build a career. At TRAFFIX, we recognize that to provide our clients with quality services we need the best in the business working for us. That’s why we value our employees above all else and are always looking for top talent to join our winning team!  



TRAFFIX has over 40 years of history and we continue to evolve while focusing on growth and investments. Moving forward, we are actively searching for new partnerships and acquisition opportunities with asset and non-asset based 3PLs in North America. We have opened up numerous new facilities over the past few years and it is important that we maintain a stable infrastructure across our network to ensure our clients’ needs are met, no matter what challenges the industry is faced with.



The transportation and logistics industry has gone through a digital revolution in recent years. Technology now plays a major role in logistics and automation has been at the forefront of that revolution. AT TRAFFIX, we recognize that the future of the industry will require more investment in technology. We have steadily upgraded and invested in many new systems, tools, and technologies over the past few years. We now use cloud-based solutions and automated technology, allowing our office workers to work at full capacity remotely, especially during this pandemic. Our focus remains on client and partner experience related to high performance and superior service levels. Our digital transformation was even featured in Business Chief!  


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