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How 3PLs Can Help Your Business During the Holiday Season

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 The holiday shopping season is almost here, which means it is time for businesses, carriers, and 3PLs to begin preparing. Holiday peak season can make or break it for business. Increased order volume, quick shipping demands, potential weather delays, and other issues that impact whether customers get their products can cause long-term problems. That is why partnering with a Third-Party Logistics provider is a smart move for your business.



Industry Relationships

One of the best parts of partnering with an established 3PL is that in addition to having them manage your company’s logistical needs, you also gain access to their professional network. Having a history of long-standing relationships allows 3PL’s to leverage service, price, and capacity for their clients. During the busy holiday season having strong partnerships with operators might make the difference between delivering consumers’ gifts on time or missing valuable deadlines. 



Additional Inventory

Holiday sales account for around 20% of annual retail sales each year, but that number can be even higher for some retailers especially with e-commerce on the rise. This puts additional pressure on equipment and staff, and many businesses are forced to purchase more to meet demand. By working with a 3PL you will gain access to efficient warehousing and distribution solutions without having to make any seasonal or short-term capital investments. 



Efficient Shipping

The “Amazon effect” has created lasting expectations in consumers for e-commerce orders. Customers now demand fast and inexpensive shipping, which can be challenging to meet during the holiday season. 69% of shoppers won’t purchase from a brand again if an order is received late, so there is a lot of pressure to deliver on time. At TRAFFIX, we have a team of experienced carriers and fleets that know all about holiday peak delivery cutoffs, retail deliveries that include special requirements, any additional costs, and how to navigate weather delays so that your customers are receiving their orders as promised.



Smarter Buying

No one wants to break the bank during the holidays, especially companies, which is why smart buying is so important. When you partner with a 3PL you gain access to their industry expertise and network optimization solutions. They can guide you through purchasing decisions to make sure you’re getting the best return for what you need, whether that’s product orders, warehousing, transportation or more! 



Performance Insights

Once you’ve made it through the holiday season it’s nearly time to begin planning for the next year. Collecting holiday shopping data and analyzing it can be challenging, but it’s an important step to creating a plan, budget, and forecasting. By partnering with a 3PL they will not only monitor your business's holiday shopping sales but also use that data to help formulate a plan for the following years to improve efficiency.



Is your business looking to partner with a 3PL during the holiday season? Contact TRAFFIX today! 


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