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Driver Lifestyle App Trucker Tools Changes the Load Tracking Game

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Technology plays a significant role in the success of transportation companies, which is why having software like Trucker Tools is crucial to long term success. Trucker Tools is a game-changing app for brokers looking to improve their tracking capabilities. For drivers, Trucker Tools is a lifestyle app designed to benefit them directly.  Below are just a few of the many benefits this app offers.


Driver-Centric Design

Setting it apart from other applications tailored toward shippers and receivers, Trucker Tools was developed with drivers in mind. Not only is the app free for drivers, but it also features 17+ specialized tools designed to optimize their on-the-road experience.  Trucker Tools is committed to continuous improvement and seeks direct feedback from drivers to achieve that goal. Whether it is a new tool, an adjustment to an existing one, or a new filter, Trucker Tools considers all driver suggested improvements.  


Benefit to the Driver

Trucker Tools offers 17+ free tools in one app. These tools include fuel optimization, load matching, an axel calculator, a display of nearby rest stops, weigh scales, and repair facilities, and more. Each search tool includes filters to allow drivers to drill down based on the amenities they need or prefer.  Trucker Tools also provides FREE load matching to drivers with a Book-it-Now® function where drivers can search and book loads directly from their phones, saving valuable time. Drivers can also speed up their rate of payment by sending PODs directly from the app post offload with the simple to use doc scan tool.


Unparalleled Tracking for Brokers

For brokers, what sets Trucker Tools apart from other apps is its premium load tracking feature. Trucker Tools provides updates every 5 minutes compared to other apps that provide updates every hour or charge a premium for more frequent updates. Improved tracking means less time spent doing check calls or asking for in and out times by the broker, making the floor operations more efficient. For the driver, this tracking tool allows them to focus on the road rather than fielding tracking calls.


Cost Saving

Trucker Tools is priced more competitively than other tracking apps and provides a superior level of service. Unlike other tracking apps, Trucker Tools only charges the broker for COMPLETE tracks. Other apps charge the broker as soon as the track starts regardless of whether the track is complete or consistent.


The load board and freight matching tools also offer a cost-benefit to the broker. While carrier sales professionals work to book freight via traditional methods, Trucker Tools shows the broker where trucks are and matches their loads. Not only does this offer a time cost savings, it also helps build relationships and gives better visibility of market capacity.


Impeccable User Support

If you are a driver on the road trying to troubleshoot, or a broker working to increase you tracking KPI’s – the Trucker Tools support team is there for you. For brokers, your assigned account manager is responsible for ensuring you have a minimum compliance success rating of 80%.  If brokers are not achieving that 80% compliance score, the Trucker Tools account manager will work with the broker’s team on recommended best practices. Trucker Tools also offers support tools such as co-marketing opportunities, customized implementation of driver education programs, and free training to increase compliance.


Security and Authenticity

One of the biggest fears brokers and drivers have about utilizing technology is security. Trucker Tools addresses this concern in many of its features. Drivers can rest easy knowing they will only be tracked when carrying a load and that their previous data is not available for viewing. For brokers, they can be assured that all documents received via the Document Scanning feature are valid as drivers must use their camera rather than uploading already saved files that could have been altered.


Trucker Tools is an innovative app that offers direct benefits to drivers and brokers and is one of the many technologies TRAFFIX has invested in as part of our digital transformation. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more about how TRAFFIX is using Trucker Tools and how it can help your business.