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Canada to Introduce National Truck Driver Training Standard

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Canada’s transportation ministers recently announced their intention to develop a national entry-level driver training standard by January 2020. This will ensure that all drivers getting behind the wheel of a semi-truck have the necessary skills.


Federal Transport Minister Marc Garneau stated, “We are motivated by the need for safety. Canadians expect that people who receive their license as drivers of semi-trailers and large vehicles should be properly prepared through training before they assume those duties.”


Currently, Ontario is the only Canadian province with mandated entry-level trailing for truck drivers. Alberta and Saskatchewan are both working on mandates of their own and have released the initial framework so far.


The commitment to making a national standard for truck drivers comes after a number of deadly crashes recently. In Saskatchewan last April, a semi-truck hit a bus after failing to yield at a flashing stop sign. The bus was carrying members of the Humboldt Bronco’s hockey team. The crash killed 16 and wounded 13 others.


According to Saskatchewan Highways Minister Lori Carr, the tragedy served as a reminder of the need for stricter trucking regulation across the nation. “We are truly one big country, and you go from province to province, so the same rules should apply,” said Carr. 


Transportation agencies across Canada are welcoming the news of a nation-wide training standard. Chairman of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) Scott Smith said, “It’s a historic day for our industry to see all provinces committed to creating a national training standard.”


In addition to a national entry-level training standard for truck drivers, Canada is also expected to announce their regulations concerning Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) in the coming months.


The overwhelming support for a national entry-level training standard is positive news for the trucking industry. Once implemented, Canada’s roads and highways will be much safer and training for cross-provincial trips will become easier. Here at Traffix, we’re excited by this news and can’t wait to see the positive impact it will have on the country.


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