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5 Ways TRAFFIX is Helping During the Pandemic

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The world continues to be rocked by the COVID-19 pandemic. The logistics and transportation industry is more important than ever before. TRAFFIX is dedicated to doing our part in keeping supply chains running while also ensuring our employees and partners remain safe.

Keeping Supply Chains Moving

The global supply chain has faced several challenges due to COVID-19. From manufacturing delays to transportation limitations, the logistics industry is facing many hurdles in keeping the supply chain running smoothly. Logistics is vital to fighting the pandemic, which is why TRAFFIX continues to operate at full capacity. Every day we work tirelessly to ensure that essential goods such as food and medical supplies arrive where they need to be. Not only does this allow front line workers to do their job and let people continue to stay home to practice social distancing, but it also keeps the economy operational.


Donating Trips

A lot of amazing companies out there are pulling together to donate goods and supplies to the hard-working people on the front lines. Donating supplies isn’t simple though. Companies not only have to provide the products, but they also need to transport them to their destinations. We have been proud to deliver goods to hospitals, grocery chains, and distributors, and look forward to partnering with more companies in offering our services for these initiatives. TRAFFIX recently partnered with illy Caffe to donate 60,000 servings of coffee to hospitals in the U.S. to keep medical workers fueled!  


Remote Working

Logistics companies such as TRAFFIX have been deemed essential businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means that we can fully operate as our services are necessary during this crisis. We value the safety of our employees and their families, which is why we have moved our logistics operations to a work-from-home model. Not only does this allow our employees to practice social distancing from the safety of their home, but it also keeps them employed during these trying times.   


Increased Cleaning

The health and safety of our employees have always been extremely important to TRAFFIX. During this crisis, we have worked to ensure those who cannot work from home can still have a safe workspace. We are regularly cleaning and sanitizing our facilities and trucks with a focus on high-touch areas so that our warehouse workers, truck drivers, and other essential employees can stay healthy.


Raising Support

It has been amazing to watch people come together, even while physically staying apart, during these times. Every day people are coming together in unique ways to support essential employees such as grocery stores and health care workers. At TRAFFIX, we’re also working hard to raise support for essential workers that are operating behind the scenes such as warehouse workers, logistics employees, and truck drivers. These workers put their lives at risk and deserve to be supported and celebrated.


TRAFFIX is committed to doing our part during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will continue to operate at full capacity to keep goods moving across North America!