Traffix Services

We can’t be everything to everyone. However, our dedication to growth has allowed us to diversify our services and increase our capacity without sacrificing our commitment to excellence. We proudly offer comprehensive logistics solutions.

Dry Cargo Logistics

Combining our company fleet with partner carriers, we’re able to offer solutions that save you money. Road or rail, full truckload or less-than truckload, with our vast network of carriers, we can deliver your cargo faster, with fewer claims and lower costs.


Fresh Logistics

By leveraging our private fleet and our network of expert refrigerated carriers, we’ve created a system that’s unrivaled in our industry. We’re committed to finding savings for our carriers and customers by taking advantage of latent capacity throughout our extensive network.


Specialized Logistics

Need a 500lb crate delivered to a job site? No problem. A 120,000lb wind turbine? Of course. We’re driven by getting your shipment onsite on time. Our experienced team is as diverse as the loads they ship, and have the ability to do it right.



This is where we deliver the full solution. From destuffing containers and itemized pick and pack, to oversized special cargo storage and crating, Traffix can accommodate all of your warehousing needs.